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Alpine SimpleGuard Fence-Style Snow Guard Introduced For Standing Seam Roofs


Morrisville, VT - Alpine SnowGuards - a leading supplier of snow management systems for metal roofing and other roof types - introduces Alpine SimpleGuard, designed specifically for managing rooftop snow on metal standing seam applications.

Alpine SimpleGuard was previewed last month at METALCON 2017 in Las Vegas, and it will be available in January 2018.

Alpine SimpleGuard is a fence-style snow management system that uses SimpleBlock, a block component that was unveiled earlier this year. SimpleBlock was designed to give the installer north-south adjustability, combined with a universal compatibility with either the clip and bar for managing rooftop snow, or with an end spacer and mid-clamps for mounting solar arrays onto metal standing seam roofs (SimpleBlock-PV, offered through Alpine's sister company EcoFasten Solar).

How Alpine SimpleGuard Works

The system starts with SimpleBlock being clamped to the roof seam by utilizing two pre-installed, oval-point set screws, which creates a secure attachment point without damaging or compromising the integrity of the metal roof. The accompanying photos show how the clip and bar quickly transform the SimpleBlock into the Alpine SimpleGuard. The clip slides into SimpleBlock, hooks onto the back of the bar/fence, and is secured by the flange bolt and nut. The T-slot on the top of the block allows for adjustability. Splice plates are used as needed to make the bar/fence continuous.

Alpine SimpleGuard is constructed of lightweight aluminum with a mill finish. A color insert strip is available for the snow fence to match the roofing material. Like all of the company's snow guards, Alpine SimpleGuard has been tested extensively in the field by roofing experts.

About Alpine SnowGuards®

Alpine SnowGuards offers rooftop snow guards for commercial, industrial and residential projects. For more information, visit

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