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AppliCad Announces Availability Of Free Roof Calculator

AppliCad-roof-calculatorJupiter, FL – Recognizing that not everyone needs the full power of AppliCad’s robust Roof Wizard software at all times, AppliCad has announced the development of the mobile-friendly AppliCad Roof Calculator, which is available free to use for anyone with a smart phone, tablet or computer, plus internet access.

Use of the calculator requires only that the user enter a valid email.

“Let's face it, not everyone needs the full grunt of a professional program like our Roof Wizard software,” the company explains in announcing the availability of the calculator. “Sometimes you just need a quick calculation of roof area so that you can get a feel for a price based on "squares". The AppliCad Roof Calculator is designed for any mobile device and delivers this to you as a service for free, accessed from anywhere with an internet connection.”

For estimations based on roofs that would be regarded as more complex, the company invites contractors to visit to download a free trial version of Roof Wizard.

About AppliCad

AppliCad USA Inc. is a specialty CAD applications software development company focused on the needs of the roofing, cladding and solar industries. The software is built around their advanced 3D roof modeling tools, taking full advantage of the speed and accuracy of working with 3D CAD. AppliCad serves the special needs of the roofing sector and export software from their head office in Australia to 148 countries. AppliCad can be contacted by calling 800-966-1698, emailing, or visiting


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