UC-Riverside Student Recreation Center

Sherwin-Williams Coil and Extrusion Coatings

Composed of nine campuses, the University of California system boasts of well-ranked, diverse schools attended by students from across the world. The University of California-Riverside is no exception. With a vibrant and engaged student body, plans were drafted to expand the Student Recreation Center (SRC) in order to support students in extracurricular activities and serve as a place to unwind.

As plans were set forth to revive and expand the facility, architects from the Los Angeles office of CannonDesign had to be mindful of UC Riverside’s design guidelines. With a desire to give the structure a sense of lightness and movement, the team drafted plans that combined the required standardized brick blend with coated metal panels. Fabricated and curved, the panels create a wave-like scrim, which looks as though it is floating around the exterior of the two-level brick building. The blending of many different exterior construction materials mirrors the multitude of activity offerings found within the SRC, like an indoor climbing and boulder wall, swimming pool and spa.

There were many companies called upon to help CannonDesign achieve the desired aesthetic. Metal panels for the project were provided by California Panel Systems (CPS) of El Cajon, CA and were coated by Certified Enameling, located in Los Angeles, in a crisp Bright Silver XL shade of Valspar’s Fluropon®. Approximately 10,000 square-feet of panels, installed by Long Beach, CA-based Van Nuys Sheet Metal, surround the exterior, providing both extensive durability and exceptional design. “In order to achieve the wave-appeal through metal panels, the product need to be easy to fabricate,” said Doug Board of California Panel Systems. “The 1/8” perforated aluminum plate panels do just that, and they’re known for their strength and weather resistance, too.”

Fluropon was chosen for this project because of its color retention and formability properties. The coating will also amplify the weather resistance of the panels, adding an extra layer of protection from harsh environmental elements. The combination of Valspar coated panels and brick give the SRC an upbeat and modern feel, while ensuring the building fits in with the overall aesthetic of the UC-Riverside campus.

Valspar is headquartered in Minneapolis, MN. The project's general contractor was C.W. Driver of Pasadena, CA.

Photos courtesy of CannonDesign

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