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Contrarian Metal Resources

Allison Park
, PA

Since its founding in 2001, Contrarian Metal Resources has been helping architects, panel manufacturers, fabricators and contractors succeed in creating sustainable buildings with high-performance flat rolled metals, including stainless steel, solid zinc alloy and titanium.

The company provides metallurgical support to architects, as well as manufacturers and distributors of high-quality metals designed and engineered specifically for architectural applications.

Contrarian Metal Resources offers a vast selection of decorative flat-rolled stainless steel, solid zinc alloy, titanium and other metals, all specialty engineered for architectural applications. The company’s portfolio includes a variety of textures, surface treatments and finishes, and represents only best-in-class products—primarily manufactured in the United States as well as imported from across the globe. In addition, Contrarian Metal Resources offers custom finish solutions to assure maximum design flexibility.

About Contrarian Metal Resources

Contrarian Metal Resources manufactures and distributes an unrivaled selection of high-performance architectural metals including InvariMatte® stainless steel. The company’s products are used in curtain walls, column covers, elevators and other architectural applications. Contrarian’s unique focus on architecture delivers a product line geared toward the uniformity, flatness and proper grade selection required to ensure the appearance and performance of stainless steel and titanium building components. For more information, visit

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