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Sno Gem Inc.

, IL

Company President: Michael V. Smeja

Plant Location: McHenry, IL

Products & Services Offered: Sno Gem’s product lineup includes polycarbonate and metal snow guards, as well as a non-penetrating clamp to standing seam and deck mount bar retention systems. The polycarbonate and metal snow guards are available in several different shapes and materials, and are installed using tape, adhesive or mechanical fastening options as well as custom length plates or a patented soldering attachment. The polycarbonate products are available in clear or color to match any manufacturer’s standard color and the metal products are available in nearly every common metal roofing substrate, including color-matched metals. The non-penetrating Sno Barricade® System is available in powder coating or Kynar Finishes to match the metal roof panels and secures via clamping to the metal roof system’s standing seams. The Deck Mount Bar Systems are designed for all roofing systems including flat base metal roofs, corrugated metal roofs, membrane roofs, and Spanish, French, slate, shingle, concrete, clay and synthetic roof tile systems. These are all available in powder coating or Kynar Finishes for a perfect match.

Background: It takes the unique insight of a family rich in both sheet metal and roofing industry experience to design and develop The Ultimate Snow Guard™. Founded in 1994, Sno Gem, Inc. has leveraged over 50 years of experience in architectural sheet metal and roofing to develop highly effective and aesthetically pleasing snow guards for metal, slate, shingle and membrane roof systems.

In a challenging economic climate, it is more important than ever to put your trust in a financially sound partner with a demonstrated history of success. Sno Gem, Inc. has positioned itself for continued growth and the ability to invest significant resources in product research and design. Every roofing project poses special challenges which require cutting edge technology and a company with an attention to detail second to none. The company's products can be manufactured in a variety of materials and to precise color requirements.

Sno Gem, Inc. maintains a dedicated sales staff that is continually educated on the latest advancements in roofing system technology to ensure the right snow guard application for your project. Every order is shipped with detailed installation instructions for an easy, hassle free installation that will ensure maximum effectiveness. Sno Gem, Inc. invites anyone anyone with a concern about rooftop snow avalanches on new or existing buildings to contact the company to learn more about its snow guards product technology because, as the company says, “Snow Should Only Fall Once™.”

About Sno Gem Inc.

Snogem_Logo_Supplier_DirectorySno Gem manufactures snow retention products and roof accessory attachment clamps for use with metal roofing systems.To learn more, visit

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