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ProfileVent, manufactured by Ventco Inc., is the ridge ventilation system for metal roofs that is preferred by contractors. Precision-cut to fit more than 40 standing seam and screw-down panel profiles, ProfileVent is available in 20 ft., 50 ft. and 100 ft. lengths that can be easily cut on the jobsite for each project.

Providing proven performance since 1998, ProfileVent features include...

• Lifetime limited warranty

• Glue spots prevent slipping during installation (most profiles)

• Fits under any ridge cap; optional ridge cap anchor clip is available if needed

• Fits any pitch 2:12 - 20:12

• One person roll-out installation

• Won’t crack, dent or rust during shipping or installation

• Passed testing for wind-driven rain infiltration, simulated snow infiltration, and dust exposure

• Miami-Dade County Approved

About Ventco

profilevent-logoVentco supplies the ProfileVent ridge ventilation system for commercial and residential metal roofs. Built on proven technology since 1998, specially designed equipment precisely cuts the panel profile into the surface. Working at optimum performance within varied roof pitches from 2:12 to 20:12, ProfileVent is custom cut to fit the individual panel profile. Compatibility with a steep roof pitch makes it uniquely suitable for these applications, without sacrificing ventilation performance, allowing the ridge line appearance to be maintained without the need to raise the ridge cap to accommodate the vent. For more information, visit

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