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Prospect Mountain High School

Standing Seam Metal Roofing From Garland Chosen For Retrofit Of New Hampshire School

Surrounded by trees and rolling hills, Prospect Mountain High School is a beautiful, two-story brick building nestled in Alton, New Hampshire, a town of about 5,000 people in the eastern part of the state. The high school, home to more than 500 students, was built in 2004. The shingle roof started to fail less than 10 years later, causing serious leaking inside the building. Rather than repair the shingle roof, the school chose to remedy the situation by retrofitting the roof with a standing seam metal system due to its proven strength, watertight performance and long-term protection.

Garland’s 18.75-inch wide, 24-gauge steel R-Mer Shield standing seam panels, in an Emerald Green PVDF finish, provide unlimited thermal expansion and contraction. The seam and clip configuration strategically separate the panel’s cap from the extruded aluminum clip, allowing for unlimited thermal movement of the panel system without wearing down the sealant that keeps the system watertight.

R-Mer Shield also provides a ½-inch clearance between the panel and substrate, which provides ventilation and reduces the possibility of condensation and ice damning. This system was fully engineered, including a snow retention system, all critical features in an area known for its harsh winters. This innovative, high-performance structural metal roof system can be designed to withstand wind speeds over 200 mph, offering unrivaled strength, durability and waterproofing protection for up to 40 years or more. R-Mer Shield is available with an up to 40-year warranty, offering a low life-cycle cost. The 60,000-square-foot project was completed in three phases.

The contractor was TeamCraft Roofing Inc.

Photo credit: Christian Scully/Design Imaging Studios

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