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Strong Relationships Lead The Way To A Beautiful Roof

The building blocks of success are built on strong relationships, and so is Marvin Ramer’s new home. When the owner of Ramco Supply in Indiana set out to build a new home, he tapped into his network to make it happen. A veteran in the business, he knew he wanted his new home to don a metal roof. “Metal roofs are a smart investment,” explains Ramer. “They require minimal maintenance while still providing a durable solution.”

Ramco Supply, a metal panel manufacturer and supplier, partners with Valspar (now Sherwin-Williams) for their coatings, so Ramer was already familiar with the Valspar portfolio. Working with Jerry Bowman, business development manager for the Valspar Coil and Extrusion Division, the two landed on a color that would fit the aesthetic of the country home, and provide the durability Ramer was looking for.

The home features 7,800 square-feet of Ramco metal panels on the roof, all finished in Valspar’s Burnished Slate hue of their flagship Fluropon® coating. Metal roofs have become increasingly more popular in residential construction, as they offer a low-maintenance and durable solution to homeowners. Advanced technology in coating manufactures also allows for a wide variety of aesthetics.

“Good business is about good relationships with good people,” said Bowman. “Marvin is committed to the metal construction industry and has a tremendous reputation in this market. It’s fitting that we were finally able to work together on a more personal project and help the Ramer family exceed expectations for their new home.”

Valspar coatings are known for their strength and durability as they are formulated to resist chalking and marring. When used on roofing projects, as in the case of Ramer's new home, Valspar SR coatings protect against harmful UV-rays. The teamwork and relationship between Valspar and Ramco Supply mirror the longevity to come of the home’s roof, and serve as a testament to working together to achieve aesthetics and durability.

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