Posted: Sep 07, 2021

Five Benefits Of Specifying Manufacturer-Certified Installers For Your Metal Construction Projects

By Kathi Miller

Manufacturer certification programs can be a source of confusion. Most often, the confusion stems from using words like “certified,” “approved,” “authorized,” and “qualified” interchangeably. While they may mean the same thing to architects and building owners, those terms often mean completely different things to manufacturers. Kathi Miller explains in her latest blog.

Posted: Nov 24, 2020

What Is The Cost Difference Between Standard, Premium And Metallic PVDFs

By Kathi Miller

The paint used to coat metal roofing and siding panels has three basic components: pigment, which creates the color; solvent, which helps to dissolve the pigment; and binder or resin, which acts like the glue to hold everything together. Due to differences in both pigment cost and the amount of pigment required, most metal panel manufacturers segment their PVDF offering into three pricing tiers.

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