Social Media For Metal Buildings, Roofing And Wall Systems

By Shawn Zuver,

I remember the first time that I was exposed to fax transmissions. It was when my now-partner, then co-worker Bob Fittro received a magazine article proof that he had originally sent by mail for approval. Before it was returned to Bob, apparently the original recipient had been faxed to other people for comments. We knew right away that this was going to become a new way of doing business.

Things have changed a lot in the past three decades when it comes to technology. As impressive as fax machines were at that time with their thermal paper that rolled through the machine like a personalized stock ticker, by today's standard they're quaint at best compared to email attachments and cloud-sharing services. Since then, we've seen a progression of technological devices from bag phones to flip phones to smartphones that are more powerful and have far greater storage capacities than desktop computers of the late Reagan years. Today, Bob's article proof could be received instantly through a number of common devices like a desktop computer, laptop, tablet, smartphone, smartscreen or even a smartwatch if the reader doesn't mind reading a few words at a time.

And the way information is distributed has also changed just as dramatically. Back when Bob was working on that article, once it was approved for publication it would have been a minimum of three weeks - and more typically four to six weeks - before the printed magazine would have been delivered to it audience. With today's electronic media, many press releases are posted the same or next day on, while some very important announcements are quickly posted on our website and then brought to the industry's attention immediately via complementary outlets.

When we launched a little over 10 years ago, websites were - and still are, I believe - the most effective way to deliver information quickly and thoroughly. Since then, social media outlets have enhanced the website experience by instantly calling attention to breaking news or articles that might interest a particular group of people. Recognizing the importance of social media, we've broadened the way that we bring information to the world...

• For the past several years has been updating Facebook information throughout the week at It's a great way to get updates about what's going on in the metal construction industry.

• Likewise, we're also active on Twitter at with daily insights into metal roofing, walls, building products and related accessories.

• Earlier this year, we launched a Pinterest page at to showcase a sampling (over 100 photos to date) of some of the 2,000-plus project case studies that can be found in the Featured Projects section on

• To call attention to the social media efforts that are being made by product suppliers in our industry, there's a Social Media And Videos Guide on that provides links to companies who are active on Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, YouTube, Google Plus, Flickr, Pinterest, Houzz and Instagram. If you supply metal construction products or services, my sales partner John Garvey (call or text 847-533-6266, or email can offer details on how you can be listed in the Social Media And Video Guide.

We encourage you to follow us on Facebook and Twitter, and to sign up for our free weekly email newsletters and monthly ezines to make sure you're always up-to-date on what's happening in the metal construction industry.

Technology sure has come a long way since the first fax machines, and we look forward to seeing the next new innovations that are sure to come.

Shawn Zuver is editorial/content director for He has been covering the metal construction industry, including residential and non-residential construction, since 1985. To contact Shawn, email

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