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Marble Gate Farms in Friendsville, Tennessee, is a home and horse farm to the owners of one of the largest temporary employment agencies in the United States. The 14-room farm house, horse barn and two-car garage had been covered with a screw-down metal roof that was nearing the end of its service life. The owners wished to replace it with a standing seam profile engineered to handle expansion and contraction, thus eliminating the potential for leaks that can occur with thru-fastened roofs due to vibration and cyclical panel movement. With an Englert 2500 jobsite-fabricated metal roof system, they got that assurance.

The general contractor, Ron Hodge of Knoxville, Tennessee, chose an Englert Series 2500 panel for all three structures. The project required nearly 60,000 square feet of 18-inch wide Forest Green panels. Sections of the barn were radius-installed, requiring a stretching of the material across the top of the structure.  Goddard & Carter Fabrication of Louisville, Tennessee, has fabricated and installed metal roofing material on everything from conventional homes to a castle and a landmark residential Quonset hut design. They were able to handle the tricky radius installation with no complications.

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