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Nevada Air National Guard 152nd Airlift Wing Headquarters

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The mission of the Nevada Air National Guard’s 152nd Airlift Wing and Intelligence Squadron, based in Reno, is to provide critical support for a wide range of operations commanded by the United States Air Force, and be at the ready to assist in the event of emergencies within the State of Nevada. By extension, the design success for the squadron’s new headquarters was just as critical. To ensure the building’s long-term durability, and its appearance, the $16 million facility was topped with an Englert standing seam metal roof.

Among the Nevada Air Guard’s missions is to provide C-130 airlift, airdrop, photo mapping and other Air Force support functions. The C-130 is a versatile aircraft used for everything from transporting troops and cargo to airborne assault and rescue. The planes are also used to gather scientific data, provide weather reconnaissance and facilitate aerial refueling. The guard’s new 36,000 square foot headquarters is the base of operations for all those missions and more. Prior to its construction the various tasks performed without were split among four separate locations.

The new building features a Royal Blue Englert Series 2500 standing seam metal roof. It was installed by Southam & Associates Architectural Sheet Metal of American Fork, Utah. In addition to its durability and finish, the roof was selected for its LEED compatibility, consistent with Air Force requirements on all new construction. Approximately 16,500 square feet of the 22 gauge, 16-inch wide panels were used on the roof. The building’s design includes a barrel vault roof form which is consistent with the architecture of other base buildings.

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