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Albion College Science Complex

Kingspan Insulated Panels – North America

As Michigan’s first large-scale Silver LEED-Certified science building, the Albion College Science Complex boasts an energy-efficient, stucco-embossed exterior provided by Kingspan Insulated Panels. The project is a blend of renovation and new construction and benefits from a variety of green building components.

The $41.6 million Albion College Science Complex renovation was completed in 2006 and received Silver LEED Certification from the USGBC in 2007. The project’s design specifically called for green building practices in order to meet the requirements for LEED Certification and Project Kaleidoscope. Serving as an example of energy efficiency and environmental responsibility, the redesigned Science Complex is expected to use 30 percent less energy than a comparable building.

Kingspan Insulated Panels contributed more than 15,000 square feet of its 300R Striated two-inch-thick panels to the facility. Stucco embossed and finished in Imperial White, the 300R panels deliver an architectural grade appearance for the cost of a commercial product. The double interlocking tongue and groove joints self align to create a weather-tight exterior, further enhancing the insulating properties.

“The 300R Striated panels provide an aesthetically pleasing architectural finish on the Science Complex at a more affordable price,” explains Rachel Scholan, Marketing Manager of Kingspan Insulated Panels. “Additionally, Kingspan panels consistently deliver a high R-value and contribute to decreased energy costs, which has long-term benefits for the facility owners.”

Senior project manager and LEED AP Alan Hohlfelder of MacLachlan Cornelius & Filoni actively participated in every stage of designing the Science Complex, which involved several phases over the course of a few years. Hohlfelder and his team renovated three facilities, constructed a new four-story hall and greenhouse, and completed another round of renovations to bring it all together. The Science Complex houses the sciences and mathematics under one roof, which marks the first time in decades that the departments have been in the same place on campus.

In addition to its Silver LEED Certification, the Albion College Science Complex received a Green Judges’ Choice Award in the 2008 Education Design Showcase. The judges applauded the facilities design, noting that it “has influenced the way the entire College operates and has been used to spread the word about the importance of environmental sustainability beyond the campus and into the Albion community.”

The project team for the Albion College Science Complex includes MacLachlan Cornelius & Filoni Architects, Inc., general contractor Christman Construction (Lansing, MI) and panel installer Universal Wall Systems (Grand Rapids, MI).

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Kingspan Insulated Panels – North America is a business unit of Kingspan, a global company operating in more than 80 countries, with over 200 manufacturing facilities. Kingspan Insulated Panels – North America manufactures and markets three groups of products at its U.S., Canadian and Mexican facilities: insulated metal wall and roof panel systems for commercial/industrial construction; insulated architectural panel and façade systems for design-driven projects; and controlled environment panels and doors for cold-storage and climate-controlled warehousing. In addition to its commitment to quality and innovation, the company is on the leading edge of the sustainability movement, offering best-of-class products produced in state-of-the-art, eco-friendly facilities. To learn more visit

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