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Athena Gun Club in Houston, TX is one of the largest facilities of its kind in the United States at 38,000 square feet. This premier shooting facility, which was originally an office/warehouse, used an assortment of MBCI's wall and soffit panels to achieve a contemporary face lift. PDG Architects worked with CYAD Construction to create the upscale space that the CEO and co-founder John Boyert envisioned.

The most notable of the panels on the structure is the eco-FICIENT® Grand V insulated metal panel in a striking Copper Metallic hue. PDG Architects wanted to create a wall that was unique and selected LokSeam® for its variation of lines. The eco-FICIENT® Grand V panel was chosen to create a smooth wall pattern to simulate a stucco wall with the letters of the gun club featured on it. The panel's Copper Metallic paint finish is a dramatic contrast to the LokSeam®'s Silver Metallic, making it truly remarkable.

Artisan Series panels were chosen to continue the clean transition with recessed lighting that at night highlights the structure's unique contemporary design. By incorporating these panels in such a flattering context, it was noted that the finished look does not resemble a gun range, but a safe and upscale place for social gatherings.

Construction on the wall and soffit panels began in February 2012 and finished in March 2013. Athena Gun Club officially opened in October 2013.

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