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Siemens Wind Turbine Facility


Wind power is part of Siemens' Environmental Portfolio. In fact, Siemens is reportedly the world’s largest supplier of ecofriendly technologies. Opened in 2011, the 300,000 sq. ft. Siemens Wind Turbine Facility in Hutchinson, KS produces nacelles for the company's 2.3-MW and 3.0-MW wind power turbines. A nacelle is the structure on the top of a wind turbine tower that houses the components that convert the blades' rotation into electricity. Given the factory’s sustainable mission, it was important that the building itself was as well. The end result is a factory – featuring metal products from CENTRIA - that achieved LEED® Gold certification for energy use, lighting, water and material use, as well as for incorporating a variety of other sustainable strategies. One such strategy was the use of recycled and regional materials during construction.

An excellent choice for industrial and commercial applications, CENTRIA’s Versawall® reimagines versatility and flexibility. The lightweight insulated metal composite panels are installed vertically for long, sleek sight lines and also feature concealed fasteners that further enhance the clean appearance. The lightweight nature reduces framing costs and the lightly planked interior liner works with the face sheet to provide greater strength and allow longer spans. What’s more, this product was a perfect choice for the building given Siemens’ focus on achieving LEED certification. Versawall is manufactured using recycled content and with HCFC-free foam insulation. It also provides outstanding weather resistance, better insulating values and superior moisture protection.

Formawall Dimension Series reimagines metal by providing thermal efficiency and moisture control in a single panelized component. The insulated panels include factory foamed-in-place cores, which minimize insulation gaps, along with thermal breaks between the faces and liners. The horizontal panels chosen for this project can be integrated with other wall components, allowing for an integrated, high performance wall system.

The Profile Series IW Concealed Fasteners have no exposed fasteners, providing a clean, unbroken aesthetic with an embossed finish. The panels also feature a common lock-joint design for interesting visual effects and are an excellent option for new construction projects. With the ability to install the panels year-round, and the option to add insulation, installation time is shortened, permitting fast-track scheduling.

The architect/contractor was Gray Construction of Lexington, KY; the CENTRIA products dealer was Wade Architectural Systems of Humble, TX; and the installer was South Star Contractors of Bowling Green, KY.

CENTRIA products used on this project included:

  • Versawall® 36” Vertical - Square Feet: 64,234 Color: Regal White; Finish: Embossed; Coating: Fluorofinish®; Gauge: 26

  • Formawall® Dimension Series® 3” Horizontal - Square Feet: 17,897; Color: Regal White; Finish: Embossed; Coating: Fluorofinish®; Gauge: 22/26

  • Profile Series IW 10-A - Square Feet: 4,860; Color: Regal White; Finish: Embossed; Coating: Fluorofinish®; Gauge: 22

LEED and the related logo is a trademark owned by the U.S. Green Building Council and is used with permission.


CENTRIA, a Nucor company, supplies a variety of architetural metal wall and roof systems. For more information, visit

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