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Spallation Neutron Source


Spallation Neutron Source’s large sprawling facility is located in a rural portion of Oak Ridge, Tennessee. It is a national laboratory managed by UT-Battelle for the U.S. Department of Energy. This one-of-a-kind laboratory’s main focus is on neutron-scattering research that helps improve things like medicine, food, electronics, cars and airplanes.

CENTRIA’s products on the building range from Versawall to Profile Series exposed fastener Super-Rib to single component wall system, Formawall® Dimension Series®.

The architect/construction manager was Knight/Jacobs JV, Oak Ridge, TN (Lester B. Knight Architects, Chicago, IL and Jacobs Engineering Group, Oak Ridge, TN). The CENTRIA dealer/installer was Crown Corr, Inc., Gary, IN. CENTRIA products used on this project were: Formawall® Dimension Series® in Champagne Gold Embossed and Striated; DS60 in Champagne Gold Embossed; Super-Rib in Champagne Gold Embossed; Versawall in Champagne Gold and Corona Embossed Striated; and Liner 2-3” in Arctic White Embossed.


CENTRIA, a Nucor company, supplies a variety of architetural metal wall and roof systems. For more information, visit

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