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St. Joseph’s/Candler Hospital Renovation


As part of the 44-year-old St. Joseph’s/Candler Hospital $15 million renovation completed in 2015, CENTRIA Formawall® Dimension Series® insulated metal panels, Formavue™ (FV 400) Window System and C/S Louvers add both beauty and protection from the elements. The project’s end goal was to ensure sustainability and infuse modern architectural design into this Savannah, GA icon.

The updated exterior needed to be energy efficient and, because of its location, also hurricane resistant.

Formawall Dimension Series panels offer superior weather resistance by utilizing pressure equalization along the length of the horizontal joinery. Available in a number of lengths, thicknesses, reveals and profiles, these panels allow nearly any aesthetic vision to be accomplished. CENTRIA’s advanced thermal and moisture protection (ATMP®) technology ensures thermal efficiency, moisture control and weather protection. Formawall Dimension metal wall panels are EPD-certified and add to the sustainability of the building. Concealed clips and fasteners eliminate any breaks in the exterior, resulting in a clean, sleek look. Windows, louvers and sunshades can be easily added without sacrificing exterior aesthetics.

CENTRIA’s Formavue Window Systems are designed for high performance and thermal efficiency. With integrated details that feature thermal breaks aligned with the metal wall panel insulation, Formavue windows blend seamlessly with Formawall Dimension Series and Formawall Graphix Series metal panel systems as one of the most efficient window/wall systems available.

CENTRIA partners with Construction Specialties Inc. (C/S Group) to offer C/S Louvers. This product integrates with CENTRIA products to provide critical protection in areas where buildings need it most - where components meet. Architects can solve challenges effectively and efficiently with this integrated solution.

The architect was Freeman White of Charlotte, SC. The contractor was JE Dunn of Atlanta, GA. The CENTRIA products dealer/installer was SECO of Atlanta, GA.

CENTRIA products used on this project included:

• Formawall® Dimension Series® 3’’-T Vertical - Square Feet: 6,327; Color: Cypress Olive; Finish: Embossed; Coating: Duragard Plus; Gauge: 22/26.

• Formawall Dimension Series 3’’-T - Square Feet: 1,572; Color: Regal White; Finish: Embossed; Coating: Duragard Plus; Gauge: 22/26.

• Formawall Dimension Series 3’’-T - Square Feet: 34,568; Color: Lee Ivory; Finish: Embossed; Coating:  Duragard Plus; Gauge: 22/26.

• Formavue™ Window (FV-400).

• C/S Louvers.


CENTRIA, a Nucor company, supplies a variety of architetural metal wall and roof systems. For more information, visit

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