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Wonderful Company Halo Warehouse

All Weather Insulated Panels

A combination of the right building component – insulated metal wall panels from All Weather Insulated Panels – and a unique product created an innovative and eye-catching branding opportunity for the Wonderful Company of Delano, CA.

Among other things, The Wonderful Company is a citrus producer. It grows, packages and ships its Halo brand of Clementine mandarins. Around the world these fruits are known by their blue rectangle boxes, making them easy to spot in the grocery produce aisle.

When it came to building a warehouse in Delano, which is in the heart of California’s citrus belt in the San Joaquin Valley, The Wonderful Co. saw an exciting opportunity to extend the company’s popular brand.

The dimensions of the warehouse were laid out in a rectangle with walls up to 85 feet high. Plans called for walls that were extremely flat and no visible seams. The company was going to cover the insulated metal wall panels in Mylar sheets, rendering the building with the same shape, coloring and logos as the company’s unique Halos in-store cardboard packaging.

Under the guidance of General Contractor Wallace & Smith and Hansen Cold Storage Construction, it was decided that 3-inch thick FL40 (flat wall) insulated metal wall panels (IMPs) from All Weather Insulated Panels of Vacaville, CA would meet the job’s requirements. The span capabilities of the FL40, its rigidity and ease of construction accounted for the selection. Hansen Cold Storage Construction, a leader in insulated panel construction, was selected for this project due to the company’s expertise and knowledge of IMP construction.

High-end Architectural Look

AWIP’s FL40 insulated metal panels are produced with a flat exterior face, making them the perfect solution for designers seeking a high-end architectural look and has all the thermal benefits that insulated metal panels offer. This model IMP captures the sleek modern style gaining in popularity for projects demanding contemporary appeal but with high R values and long-term energy savings.

AWIP personnel were on the site to ensure that two custom-designed stack joints on the warehouse were fitted to allow panels to sit smoothly up the entire building. No trim or flashing breaks the exterior plane.

In all, the FL40 covers 35,000 square feet of the Wonderful’s warehouse, which now is considered one of the largest branding of a product on a building in the state. In this flat region, the top of the building peaks above the horizon several miles away, and as cars pass by on Highway 99 the building looks light a giant box of Halos.

“No other type of building could have gone up this quickly and provided the surface that is more than 80 feet tall and offers that sleek, smooth surface,” said Conor Lowery, vice president of Cold Storage Sales for AWIP. “It’s a great product in so many ways.”

Insulated Panels For A Changing Landscape

Founded in 2004, AWIP strives to provide solutions to projects that require the perfect combination of energy efficiency, creative versatility and ease of construction, like the Halo project. AWIP panels feature Solstice® LBA in closed-cell polyisocyanurate insulation and self-aligning, double interlocking tongue-and-groove joints with concealed fasteners that create an airtight, watertiight seal to stabilize interior environments.

With state and national building codes demanding greater energy efficiency, All Weather Insulated Panels delivers the superior thermal capabilities and building performance that eco-conscious builders, designers and owners need.

Engel & Company of Bakersfield, CA was the architect on the Halo warehouse project. The building was completed in April 2016.

About All Weather Insulated Panels

Headquartered in Vacaville, California, All Weather Insulated Panels manufactures high-performance insulated metal wall and roof systems engineered for simplified design and installation, along with the highest performing, most energy efficient building envelopes available. AWIPs’ state-of-the-art, continuous-line manufacturing facilities in CA, AR, and PA offer the capacity needed to fulfill any size project, and the stability required to support the emerging needs of the North American building industry. For more information, visit

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