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Accenture is a Livonia, MI company that helps clients worldwide with solutions to optimize their operational efficiencies and gain competitive advange. In planning a new work and meeting room at the company's building, it sought a level of quality that would be consistent with the company's image and reputation. To help bring its goals to reality, the company enlisted the help of Panel Built Inc. and Quality Engineering Company.

A manufacturer and provider of in-plant office solutions, Panel Built custom designed a two-story modular office system with a welcome area, an open office, an IT room, hallway, stair system, manager’s office and conference room. The system incorporates oversized windows, full-glass doors, high-gloss black panels and brushed aluminum extrusions—finishes that satisfied Accenture’s upscale vision. A “floating” drop ceiling, specialized light fixtures, and gloss black on the stairs, railing and undercoating of the mezzanine are also part of the modern design.

The two-story building stands 21’ tall and has a footprint of 24’-6” x 40’-6”. The panels are made from .021” smooth aluminum in gloss black. The windows measure 44” wide by 60” tall. All of the extrusions are brushed aluminum.

About Panel Built

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