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A Landscape Interior woven metal mesh application from Cambridge Architectural adds beauty and durability to the elevators of two Avalon Communities Buildings in New York City.

Avalon Chrystie Place, a multi-family residential building, is located in the heart of Manhattan, while Avalon on the Sound East, located in Westchester County, provides luxury high-rise living close to downtown Manhattan.

Residents riding the elevators up to their homes in both buildings are now greeted by the stunning visual and textural appeal of glistening Cambridge Architectural woven metal fabric. Because the elevators carry hundreds of passengers each day, they required an aesthetically pleasing, yet extremely durable cladding material. The Landscape Interior woven metal mesh was deemed the perfect solution.

Depth and texture are an integral part of the design as the woven metal fabric transforms what would have been an ordinary application into a dynamic and luminous work of art. The woven brass and stainless steel metal fabric applications contrast with other interior design elements, resulting in a classic yet contemporary look.

“As a cladding system, shimmering woven metal mesh continues to raise the bar on style and sophistication,” says Heather Collins, director of marketing for Cambridge Architectural. “Cambridge Landscape Interior mesh applications provide a uniquely attractive, durable method of elevator cladding.”

“Cambridge Architectural mesh is the perfect material for elevator cabs,” says Doug Gilman, president of Elite Elevator Cab Remodeling, Inc, who worked along with ThyssenKrupp Elevator in the construction of the elevators at Avalon Chrystie Place. “The combination of unique dimensional architectural composition combined with the much needed durability factor – not to mention the fact that it meets all elevator codes – make Cambridge Architectural mesh an ideal cladding material.”

"There are elevators throughout the US that are over 45 years old that have Cambridge's original material still in place,” continues Collins. “The material continues to exhibit the same qualities as it did when it was first installed and demonstrates our product's ability to withstand even the most high-traffic areas."

In addition to providing durability and elegant aesthetic appeal, Landscape Interior woven metal mesh applications function as a sustainable design element. Woven metal fabric and its corresponding attachment hardware maintain an extremely long lifecycle, require minimal maintenance and can be manufactured from recycled materials.

The minimal maintenance requirements coupled with Cambridge’s assistance throughout the design phase and completion of the elevator projects additionally contribute to the affordability of Cambridge metal fabric installations.

The Landscape Interior solutions were fabricated with mesh in Cambridge’s Tile and Circuit 141A patterns. Avalon Chrystie Place features 168 sq. ft. of Circuit 141A, while 750 sq. ft. of Tile was used for Avalon on the Sound. Circuit features rigid, closed weaves that are affixed to substrates and installed in elevator cabs or as wall, floor, ceiling and facade panels.

Tile consists of rigid, open weaves that are often used in elevator cabs, stair rail systems and grillwork.

Cambridge’s Panel attachment hardware was used to install the Tile and Circuit products. The metal fabric is first attached to a substrate such as MDF, and Z-clips join the panels to the substructure.

Construction on the Avalon Communities buildings was completed in the summer of 2006. The project team for Avalon Chrystie place consists of Bovis Lend Lease, New York, general contractor and ThyssenKrupp Elevator, Garden City Park, NY, elevator contractor. Fogarty Finger Architecture/Interiors, New York, NY, served as project architect for Avalon on the Sound while Elevator Cabs of New York served as elevator contractor.

About Cambridge Architectural

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