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101 Bedford Avenue

Laminators Inc.

Luxury and spaciousness were top of mind for Karl Fischer Architects, the New York City design firm responsible for 101 Bedford Avenue in Brooklyn, NY. The 351-unit building, which covers nearly the entire block, is located just across the street from a park and is one subway stop away from the city. Surrounding the top of the building are Omega-Lite aluminum composite panels from Laminators Incorporated of Hatfield, PA.

In addition to its location, 101 Bedford Avenue offers its tenants a number of amenities. The building has a mix of studio apartments and one- and two-bedroom units with oversized rooms and floor-to-ceiling windows, many offering views of the Manhattan skyline. There's also a swimming pool, a hot tub and more. As a reflection of the quality to be found inside, the Omega-Lite panels were an ideal choice on the outside.

Approximately 24,000 sq. ft. of Laminators Inc. Omega-Lite panels top the building. They were supplied in a custom Medium Chocolate Bronze color that complements the building's predominantly masonry exterior. The metal panels were attached using a Dry Seal installation system.

In addition to manufacturing the panels, Laminators Incorporated provided the project field measurements for A-Porcel of Brooklyn, who fabricated and supplied the ACM panels.

About Laminators Inc.

Laminators Logo Laminators Incorporated manufactures high-quality, American-made aluminum composite panel products. Known for their strength, durability and ease of installation, Laminators’ panels are used for building cladding, curtain wall infill or to provide dramatic accents of color, and can be used in conjunction with traditional masonry or glass. Featuring on-site fabrication and installation, Laminators’ ACM panels are available in 40 standard colors and in three different types of finishes. To learn more, visit

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