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Blackhawk Headquarters

Citadel Architectural Products Inc.

The ex-Navy Seal and founder of BLACKHAWK! Products Group, a leading U.S. manufacturer of tactical, military and law enforcement equipment, challenged the architect to create a look for his new headquarters building that would “reflect the strength and ruggedness of our products.” The design for the 65,000 sq. ft. facility and winner of a 2008 AIA Award of Design Excellence certainly accomplished the mission.

Among the product featured on the exterior of the $7.5 million, Norfolk, VA-project were 4,800 sq. ft. of Citadel Envelope 2000® Rainscreen System panels, finished in Bone White and Natural Copper.

The building reflects the roots of the company and its philosophy of integrity, quality and innovation. Design for the project was provided by HBA Architecture & Interior Design Inc., Virginia Beach, VA. The curved roof recalls the curvature of a parasail while the supporting structural struts mirror its shrouds. The buttresses impress upon the visitor the force of the company.

According to architect of record David L. May, Jr., AIA, “I used the smoothness of the Citadel composite panels to add the appropriate textural contrast to the ruggedness of the Wisconsin ledge stone used for the two great buttresses that flank the building. The panels also gave the right combination of tension and lightness to the symbolic parachute canopy to complete the language of the building exterior.”

Citadel Natural Copper panels were used around the entrance to preview the extensive use of copper in the lobby reception area. Installation of the Citadel panels was done by Composite Wall Systems, Virginia Beach.

Bottom photo by Chris Cunningham

About Citadel Architectural Products Inc.

Citadel logoCitadel Architectural Products, Inc. is a manufacturer of composite panels and systems for the commercial cladding industry. With one of the most complete selections in the industry, products range from high-end fabricated metal composite material (MCM) to field-assembled systems and glazing infill panels. This offering is supported by a commitment to quality and customer service, delivered by an ISO 9001 registered management system, and backed by nearly 50 years of experience. To learn more, call (800) 446-8828 or visit

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