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Faith Chapel

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The versatile new Faith Chapel in Billings, MT functions not only as a religious facility but also as a venue for concerts, theatre productions, conferences and community events. The 85,000 sq. ft. facility, located on 11 acres, includes an 1,800 seat auditorium and parking for 1,050 vehicles.

Approximately 11,000 sq. ft. of Citadel Panel 20® two piece molding systems panels were used to clad the contemporary facility. The panels were finished in Clear Anodized and Apple Crisp. Panel 20 is a field-assembled cladding system using perimeter trim moldings and installation accessories.

Design for the project was done by A&E Architects, Billings. “The owner wanted a unique look but had a tight budget,” said Eric Simonsen, project architect. “The goal was to have a building that was contemporary but still had warm, appealing colors that would make it inviting and not feel cold or look institutional. The design started initially as almost a glorified pre-engineered building. But in the end, given the size of the building, we were able to use some of these nicer architectural metals and still be fairly cost competitive.”

The Panel 20 system interacts with translucent fiberglass panels, precast architectural concrete and an exposed steel structure. The striking exterior design evokes the sandstone of the surrounding Rimrocks.

Installation of the Citadel panels was done by Installations, Inc., Laurel, MT. The general contractor on the project was Jones Construction, Billings.

The Citadel sales representative was Tri-Jack Design Products Company, Billings.

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