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MetroMix Atlanta is a restaurant, nightlife and events guide with its finger on the pulse of what’s hot, hip and trendy in Atlanta, GA. It recently recognized the Flip Burger Boutique for serving up the city’s best burger. Flip Burger is trendy too, but not just for its food. The restaurant’s exterior is clad with aluminum composite material wall panels finished with an unusual graphics treatment that may well be ahead of the curve when it comes to ACM styling.

“The Flip Burger exterior panels were the result of a direct-to-substrate printing process which is superior to the traditional decal application,” explained Brian Burton of Graphics Central Inc. , the firm responsible for the graphics creation. “This ultraviolet printing process offers a product which will withstand the harsh exterior environments and surpass the potential to crack, peel or curl over time.

“Producing each of these panels was carefully completed by a handful of creative individuals who like to think outside the standard conceptual box,” he continued. “Once each of the panels was printed with the unique design, they were delivered in a ready-to-install package. Typically this type of graphic printing is done after the panels are installed, with a lesser-quality decal media. The façade panels of the Flip Burger building are a result of thorough and creative pre-planning, creative design, and Graphics Central Incorporates’ printing capabilities.

The ACM canvas for the graphics infusion was 4mm-thick ALPOLIC, manufactured by Mitsubishi Plastics Composites Americas Inc. of Cartersville, GA. Approximately 3,000 sq. ft. of the PE-cored material was supplied for the job, in “TOB” Black, “MZG” Mica Grey and Mica “OPT” Platinum. The ACM planks were fabricated into panels by Altech Panel Systems of Cartersville, GA. Handling the panel installation was SECO Architectural Systems Inc. of Snellville, GA.

The Flip Burger Boutique was created by renovating a former Blockbuster Video location. Responsible for developing a design that meshed with the restaurant’s personality was Ai3 Inc., Atlanta.

“We brought the unconventional and edginess of the cuisine to the design using reflecting ceiling elements, bold colors and finishes, and playful graphics,” said the firm’s Dave Heimbuch. “The result is a design that’s invigoratingly modern, yet like the menu, doesn’t take itself too seriously.”

The Structor Group, also of Atlanta was the general contractor. It was the company’s third Flip Burger renovation but the first to incorporate ACM panels.

The project was completed in November 2010.

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