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Hard Rock Rocksino - Northfield Park


The 200,000 sq. ft. modern “Arena Rock” themed Hard Rock Rocksino Northfield Park merges gambling, live entertainment and dining seamlessly into one venue. Just south of Cleveland in Northfield, the Rocksino features a 64,000 sq. ft. gambling area, a 2,600-seat live music hall and of course, a Hard Rock Café. The themed facility meshes the classic Hard Rock brand with Cleveland’s rock history; visitors to the casino will recognize the priceless rock memorabilia scattered throughout building. The facility opened its doors in early 2014, following an extremely fast-track construction schedule.

A variety of CENTRIA products were selected to complete this project for multiple reasons. Not only did these products create a dramatic aesthetic, achieve significant performance ratings, and meet sustainability goals, they also provided building owners with incredible long-term value and a shortened construction period. With CENTRIA’s simple installation process and integrated panel systems, contractors were able to install 6,000 sq. ft. of panels per day, allowing them to enclose the structure faster and escape the harsh climate during the winter months.

CENTRIA’s MetalWrap Series insulated composite backup panels were chosen for their outstanding performance and quick installation time. The MetalWrap Series insulated composite backup panel is a single thermal, air and moisture barrier backup system. The system’s flexibility makes it the perfect solution for either single-exterior or mixed-medium buildings, like the Rocksino, as it was easily integrated with the building’s other materials. Additionally, only one system and specification was necessary, since MetalWrap eliminates the need for conventional batt or board installation, exterior gypsum, and air, water and vapor boards.

“The general contractors like this system because you can enclose the building in one pass and it’s ready for the finishes,” Project Manager Tom Brown, A.C. Dellovade, said. “It’s less labor intensive - that’s the bottom line.”

Concept Series CS-200, CS-210 and CS-260 Concealed Fastener Profiles integrate easily with CENTRIA’s MetalWrap Series for ultimate performance and provided a unique design solution for architects because their common-lock joints allow panels to be mixed freely in order to create custom aesthetics. These single-skin panels can be installed both vertically and horizontally to provide a clean, unbroken appearance, allowing for eye-catching modern visual effects that grace the Rocksino’s façade.

CENTRIA’s patented FormaBond I and II present a stronger, flatter Metal Composite Material (MCM) panel, complete with pressure-equalized joinery and superior impact resistance. The dry joinery eliminates wet seals and provides optimum venting to allow wall cavities to dry effectively while prohibiting the entry of rainwater. FormaBond is manufactured entirely by CENTRIA using a proprietary reaction injection molding process. These revolutionary, thin aluminum composite panels provided the casino with sharp, crisp sight lines and lent it a sleek exterior.

Profile Series Econolap Exposed Fastener Panels are extremely versatile panels that can be used as exterior or interior walls, roofs and soffits with ribs that run horizontally or vertically. In addition, the panels may be insulated to add a level of thermal protection. The panels created a modern and edgy look and feel on the exterior of the facility and provided the design team with unlimited options in terms of form, color and texture.

IW Series Concealed Fastener Profiles were chosen for their aesthetic appeal. This product offers a clean, unbroken appearance with a wide variety of colors, textures and finishes that made it easy to match existing substrates and other CENTRIA products. All of these CENTRIA products allowed for all-weather installation capability, an important factor when keeping the building schedule on track, significantly reducing long-term maintenance costs.

The architect was Richard L. Bowen & Associates of Cleveland, OH. The CENTRIA products dealer/installer was A.C. Dellovade Inc. of Canonsburg, PA. The contractor was Gilbane of Cleveland, OH. The casino was completed in 2014.

CENTRIA products used on this project included:

• MetalWrap™ 2” Horizontal - Square Feet: 90,000.

• Concept Series® CS-200 Concealed Fastener Panels - Square Feet: 31,229; Color: Surrey Beige; Coating: Fluorofinish; Finish: Smooth; Gauge: 22.

• Concept Series CS-200 - Square Feet: 7,983; Color: Copper; Coating: Sundance Mica; Finish: Smooth; Gauge: 22.

• Concept Series CS-210 - Square Feet: 3,076; Color: Surrey Beige; Coating: Fluorofinish; Finish: Smooth; Gauge: 22.

• Concept Series CS-210 - Square Feet: 2,271; Color: Copper; Coating: Sundance Mica; Finish: Smooth; Gauge: 22.

• Concept Series CS-260 - Square Feet: 1,788: Color: Surrey Beige; Coating: Fluorofinish; Finish: Smooth; Gauge: 22.

• IW Series Concealed Fastener Panels IW-10 Horizontal - Square Feet: 3,640; Color: Copper; Coating: Sundance Mica; Finish: Smooth; Gauge: 20.

• Profile Series™ Econolap Exposed Fastener Panels - Square Feet: 2,309; Color: Surrey Beige; Coating: Fluorofinish; Finish: Smooth; Gauge: 22.

• Formabond® 8mm R&R Horizontal - Square Feet: 3,208; Color: Allusion Rust; Finish: Smooth; Coating: Fluorofinish.

• Formabond® II - Square Feet: 12,272; Color: Copper; Finish: Smooth; Coating: Sundance Mica.

• Formabond II Horizontal - Square Feet: 1,599; Color: Surrey Beige; Finish: Smooth; Coating: Fluorofinish.

• Formabond II 4mm Horizontal - Square Feet: 1,539; Color: Wood Violet; Finish: Smooth; Coating: Fluorofinish.

• Column Covers.


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