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Central New Jersey Net Zero Home

Englert Inc.

New Jersey-based companies Suntuity Home and Englert, Inc. recently joined forces on the construction of a one-of-a-kind energy efficient LEED Platinum Certified home in the state of New Jersey.

This innovative, 100%-solar-powered structure is the first self-sustaining residential net zero energy project ever built in central New Jersey. The home will generate renewable energy from a 90-kilowatt solar thermal heating system, with excess power stored in 8 Tesla™ storage batteries and hybrid heat pump systems. The structure is the first of many to come for Suntuity Home.

Englert seized the opportunity to support this groundbreaking effort by providing a standing seam metal roof system. The company recognized how this unique project supported the overall goal of promoting sustainable structures that are expected to save homeowners nearly $12,000 annually in energy costs.

"Metal is an ideal platform for solar integration and will complement the look of this unique project," said Rob Lowe, CEO of Englert. “It’s been a great experience working with Suntuity Home on this net zero project.” Englert is one of several premier brands featured to support this historic net zero project with Suntuity Home.

Installation of the A1500 snap lock metal roof system was completed by MBL Construction. The roof panels, made from 25% recycled material, are environmentally-friendly, and are LEED and ENERGY STAR® compliant. The low-gloss, non-reflective coating helps reduce energy consumption and will keep the roof surface approximately 60-70 degrees cooler during summer months. 

“The transformation has been remarkable as the metal roof is installed on the Net Zero home – it’s really made the project come alive,” said Dan Javan, CEO of Suntuity Group. “The dark bronze color selection will bring all of the home’s exterior accents together.” Once construction is complete, the home’s 5,000 sq. ft. Englert roof will feature 90 rooftop solar modules.

"We are pleased that Englert has joined Suntuity Home in partnering with us on this landmark project and we look forward to building many more of these energy efficient homes. Both companies are geographically and philosophically aligned, as each embraces a strong commitment to innovation and quality in products and service support," said Javan. “At Suntuity, we remain committed to bringing homeowners and business owners alike into a sustainable, carbon-free future that will positively impact future generations.”

With strong supporters of this project, including Englert, the Net Zero Home will set a new visionary trend of what sustainable homeownership should look like in the New Jersey market, with other states soon to follow suit. To learn more about the Suntuity Home Net Zero Project, and see videos detailing the construction and roof installation, visit

About Suntuity Home

suntuity-home-logoSuntuity Home is the residential construction and renovation division of the Suntuity Group of companies, a conglomerate of renewable energy, finance, technology, and UAV service companies that have developed, built, and managed assets of hundreds of megawatts of energy projects around the globe. Suntuity Home provides new home construction, roofing, siding, windows, LED lighting, solar, energy storage, EV, and smart home automation for homeowners across the US. To learn more, visit

About Englert Inc.

Englert_logoEnglert Inc. is a developer of commercial and residential metal roofing and gutter systems, and supports a contractor network with the machinery and materials to produce them on site. To learn more, visit

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