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Hugh Newell Jacobsen pays close attention to the sensory aspects of design. He talks about buildings in terms of how they will be experienced both visually and spacially. And though he adheres to few consistent mannerisms, he does often uses certain shapes and details, including pavilion arrangements, pyramid and prism forms, flat arches and metal roofs. He likes the material for northern climates because of its longevity and ability to quickly shed snow.

Many of Jacobsen’s favorite elements were combined for his design of an award-winning home in Chatham, NJ. Appropriately enough, the project is called Chatham House.

Chatham House is located on two acres of land in a quiet, carefully developed residential community in north-central New Jersey. Topping the home is an Englert Series 1000 standing seam metal roof from Englert Inc. of Perth Amboy, NJ. It was fabricated by ADPI Inc. of Avenel, NJ, and installed by Ench Roofing of West Orange, NJ.

To avoid any possibility of denting or otherwise damaging the 16”-wide, 24-gauge steel roofing panels during their installation on the 12:12 pitched roof forms, the contractor used a complex scaffolding system to facilitate the job. The completed project appears to lack gutters but it does have them. Fabricated from lead-coated copper, they are cleverly concealed behind the facia boards.

About Englert Inc.

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