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Fairmount Avenue Townhomes

Englert Inc.

Although it was designed with low-income persons in mind, the new Faimount Avenue Townhomes development in North Chattanooga, Tennessee include some first-class construction features. The development has 18 units, each topped with Englert metal roof systems and crystalline solar panels capable of generating up to 10% of the per-unit electricity needs. The panels are secured to all south-facing metal roof surfaces using S-5-PV clamps from S-5!.

Owned by the Chattanooga Housing Authority and located in a desirable North Chattanooga neighborhood, the project was designed to comply with Enterprise Green Communities Criteria and is seeking a Gold Certification through the USGBC’s LEED for Homes. There are nine three-bedroom units at 1,383 square feet and nine two-bedroom units at 1,103 square feet. All units with the exception of the FHA-accessible unit are two-story and are organized in buildings made up of four units. The massing of the buildings is based on the ‘salt box’ form, which is a vernacular architecture prevalent in many southern cities. The buildings are clad with white clap board siding and incorporate energy efficient windows and doors.

The metal roofs are Englert Series 2000 Kynar-coated standing. The 15-inch-wide Dove Grey panels, covering 21,000 sq. ft. of total roof area, are both LEED and Energy Star compliant, earning LEED credits toward certification. The framed photovoltaic modules are secured to the standing seam metal roof system without penetrating the roof surface by a new version of the original S-5-PV Kit. The new Kit features a longer PV stud than the original, accommodating PV frame thicknesses from 1.3" (33 mm) to 2.5" (64 mm.).

The buildings were organized on the site to make the greatest use of passive solar heating and cooling and to maximize open space. Three all-weather pathways were also provided to better connect the project to the surrounding pedestrian circulation system and adjacent amenities.

Englert is headquartered in Perth Amboy, NJ. S-5! Is located in Colorado Springs, CO.

About S-5!

S-5! is the name of both a company and the world-renowned product it produces, the S-5! attachment clamp. Offered in variety of sizes and styles, the S-5! facilitates the attachment of a wide variety of items and accessories to metal roofs--including solar panels, snow retention products and more--without penetrating the roof surface. The company was founded by S-5!'s inventor, Rob Haddock. Then a successful metal building contractor and now president of S-5!, Haddock is a well known author and lecturer who shares his experience and insights with audiences at trade shows, association meetings and in university classrooms. To learn more, visit

About Englert Inc.

Englert_logoEnglert Inc. is a developer of commercial and residential metal roofing and gutter systems, and supports a contractor network with the machinery and materials to produce them on site. To learn more, visit

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