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There’s a great deal of history to the buildings that comprise the Glenelg Country School in Ellicott City, MD. Glenelg Manor forms the nucleus of a sprawling structure housing the school’s elementary division. The oldest portions of the building date back to the 1700s with a newer front section added in 1845.

It was with respect for the history of the property and the surrounding countryside that architect Marilyn Gould of Towson, MD-based Rubeling & Associates topped the school’s newest addition with Forest Green metal roofing.

“We wanted the roof of the Upper School to blend with the rest of the campus and its existing focus on natural materials and country colors,” Gould said. “Consequently, we used a lot of green and blue to be part of the bucolic landscape in which the school sets.”

The standing seam metal roofing profile topping the addition is Englert’s Series 2000, with the panels formed from Galvalume-coated steel at the jobsite by the installing contractor, Progressive Services, Dover, PA.

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