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Located on a former wheat field in Brighton, Colorado, is Harvest Fellowship. This 17,280 square foot multi-span church facility, including a sanctuary and gazebo, features metal systems from Metallic Building Company.

The structure combines a unique mixture of textures, including the use of stucco-embossed steel PBR panels, faux stone columns and metal roofing. The building also utilizes PBR panels on the endwalls and sidewalls. Metallic’s thru-fastened PBR panels offer an attractive, even-shadowed appearance while the area between the major panel ribs is reinforced by minor ribs.

In addition to the pre-engineered metal building, Metallic’s 24-gauge Double-Lok® standing seam roofing system was chosen for its longevity, ease of installation and minimal long-term maintenance requirements. Double-Lok® was an ideal choice for this project as its knock-in bridging stabilizes and strengthens the purlin system, enabling it to endure high-force winds - an important consideration in light of the 60 mph spring winds experienced in Colorado. The roof system was finished in a Hunter Green (Signature® 300) coating, which is formulated with a Kynar 500® polyvinylidene fluoride resin and modified with a proprietary resin for toughness, color retention, film flexibility and durability. The roof slopes on this project were 4:12 and 2:12.

The project included the following team members: the general contractor was Clyde Roy, Brighton, Colorado; the architect was Mary Falconburg, Brighton, Colorado; the builder was D&S Steel Buildings Company, (, Greeley, Colorado; the erector/roofing contractor was P & H Steel Erection Inc., Greeley, Colorado; and the building manufacturer was Metallic Building Company, based in Houston, Texas.

About Metallic Building Systems


Metallic Building Systems, a Cornerstone Building Brands company, manufactures custom-engineered steel building solutions that leading builders and contractors have trusted for generations. The Metallic team delivers on its established reputation for service excellence every day by offering a full breadth of high-quality, proven products that are easy to erect, and are delivered quickly and accurately to job sites across the United States and Mexico.

No matter what the project entails, Metallic provides unparalleled expertise and the industry’s broadest spectrum of complementary products and solutions to provide the ideal balance of form and function. This includes steel curtain roll-up doors, metal roofing and wall systems and insulated metal panels—all at the best total value through a single, responsive point of contact. For more information, visit

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