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Lincoln Village Shopping Plaza

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The designers of the Lincoln Village shopping plaza in Lincoln, CA, found a unique way to add visual interest to the 15,000-square foot retail center. The center’s broad, sweeping roofline features both inside and outside radius designs, that are created using metal cap seam panels with a weathered copper patina finish.

The unusual metal panels were supplied by Custom-Bilt Metals®, a long-time leader in the painted metal industry, and installed by CRC Roofing of Sacramento, a leading Custom-Bilt Metals dealer. The center was designed by Nguyen Le of the Sacramento office of Nadel Architects Inc.

“The unique weathered copper patina finish makes a truly eye-catching structure,” said Tony Chiovare, Custom-Bilt Metals founder and president. The 18½-inch Titan® CS-100 Cap Seam metal panels are finished with a copper-colored Kynar 500 finish, which is then overprinted with patina green highlights.

“The result is a roof that has the rich character and patina of aged copper at a fraction of the cost,” said Chiovare. He noted the unique look is proving quite popular in Custom-Bilt Metal’s Vail metal shingles, but is still quite unusual in a standing seam application.

Like all Custom-Bilt Metals Kynar finishes, Chiovare noted, the coating on the Lincoln Village roofing system is a TITAN® Cool Roof finish, which means the center’s owners can expect significant energy savings over the life of the roof. Custom-Bilt’s TITAN® Cool Roof finish is now standard on every Kynar-coated roofing product the company provides.

“Custom-Bilt Metals’ TITAN® Cool Roof is recognized by the newly revised Title 24 of the California Code of Regulations, and is Energy Star®-qualified,” Chiovare explained. He added that independent tests show a TITAN® Cool Roof finish can save up to 20 percent on cooling bills. In addition, because less heat is absorbed, the roof surface undergoes less expansion and contraction, which extends the roof life and produces even more long-term cost savings.

“The result in this application is a truly eye-catching roof with a rich, weathered copper patina at a truly economical cost, which will also prove to be extremely cost-effective in the long term,” Chiovare concluded.

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