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Designed by Murphy Jahn Architects of the United States and completed in the fall of 2006, the new world headquarters of Merck Serono in Geneva, Switzerland is comprised of a sprawling six-story building nestled among and integrating a trio of smaller historically significant industrial structures. As a means of establishing a visual relationship between the 463,000 sq. ft. of new construction and the existing buildings—in a manner that complied with preservation orders protecting the latter—the architect topped both the new building and the renovated structures with 90,000 sq. ft. of Kalzip 65/500 standing seam aluminum roofing.

Merck Serono is a world leader in the field of biotechnology and through the architect’s unique detailing and material selections—predominantly glass and metal—the new headquarters reflects that status. The building is layed out in such a way as to create large pedestrian corridors and commons areas that foster a sense of community and invite the exchange of information and ideas. These campus gathering spots are flooded with natural light through both glass walls and roofs, which also serve to bring light into the offices and enhance the outward views from within.

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