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It was love at first sight for a New Hampshire couple involved in real estate flipping. So rather than remodel and sell the 1880’s Victorian they’d discovered in West Lebanon, NH, they decided instead to renovate the home and keep it for themselves. In addition to revamping the interior—which included adding a home gymnasium—they re-did the exterior, making its signature feature a new Englert Series 1300 standing seam metal roof.

Though Victorian is a term frequently used to describe an architectural style, it is actually a period of history dating from about 1840 to 1900. During this time, industrialization allowed for many innovations in architecture and the homes of that timeframe reflect many different styles. And while each is distinguishable by characteristic features, Victorian homes are not always easy to classify because many of them combine elements from multiple styles. And so it is with the New Hampshire house, which includes features specific not only Queen Anne, but Mansard and Folk-style homes as well.

Instead of attempting a period-accurate restoration, the home’s new owners chose to preserve its historic charm within the context of a modern makeover. And in considering new roofing materials they found a product that fit their plans to perfection—the Series 1300 standing seam from Englert.

Mad Cow Roofing of Croydon, NH rollformed the new roofing at the jobsite and installed it over wood decking after removing three layers of existing shingles. The home’s distinctive turret was reroofed too, with hand-broken tapered panels replacing old copper sheeting.

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