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New Hope Ice Arena Renovations

Garland Co. Inc.

Like many community ice arenas across the country, the New Hope Ice Arena in New Hope, Minnesota, needed some major renovations. The facility, built in the 1970s during a nationwide boom in the construction of community ice arenas, still had its original ice rink. As part of the renovations, the facility is now covered with a new standing seam roof system from The Garland Company Inc.

In addition to installing a new rink, the city also wanted to improve the efficiency of the building by replacing its old freon-based refrigeration system with a more energy conscious ammonia-based system. On top of that, the facility’s single-ply EPDM roof was more than 25 years old and had been deteriorating for several years due to various puncture holes, severe UV damage, fastener back out, and wet insulation. Snow and ice had also damaged the roof considerably. Replacing the damaged single-ply roof with a watertight, energy-efficient solution was a critical step in the renovation process. Without a properly performing roof, any upgrades to the building’s refrigeration system would not be effective.

Additionally, the leaky roof increased the risk of damage to a newly-installed ice rink. Based on the performance objectives of the project, the Garland standing seam metal system was installed to replace the facility’s existing roof and provide a long-term, watertight solution.

The standing seam metal system was chosen for this project for a variety of reasons, including its superior strength and durability to withstand harsh weather conditions; improved aesthetic value; and the minimal maintenance required for the system to maintain its performance. Additional benefits of the metal roofing system include its low life-cycle cost and long-term performance. Garland’s R-Mer® Span structural standing seam panels are engineered to provide the industry’s highest wind uplift rating and are designed to withstand 50 pounds of snow per square foot – critically important for a facility located in an area that on average receives 50 inches of snow every winter.

The 24-gauge, 16-inch wide R-Mer® Span panels provide the guaranteed watertight protection needed for a long-term, high-performance solution. In addition to its strength and unsurpassed watertight protection, R-Mer® Span offers the functional diversity needed for unusual or complex roofing projects. The 150-foot Galfan-coated metal panels were roll formed and curved on site to create continuous panels that fit seamlessly onto the 36,000-square-foot barrel roof.

The ice arena’s original roof system was removed and additional polyisocyanurate insulation was installed to achieve an R-value of approximately 40, helping to maximize the energy efficiency of the facility. An ice and water shield underlayment was then installed over the insulation. Bearing plates were secured to the arena’s wooden deck and the metal panels were attached to one-piece clips, eliminating the need for exposed fasteners and allowing for thermal movement. As an additional measure of protection, metal edge fascia and soffits were installed around the entire perimeter of the facility. A high-performance snow retention system that meets the severe requirements of the harshest of snow loading was installed on the roof, providing protection from the harsh Minneapolis area winters.

All improvements to the ice arena, including the installation of the standing seam metal roof system, are expected to save the city about 30 percent annually in energy costs. Additionally, this high-performance metal roofing solution was provided by a single, full-service manufacturer and is covered by a 30-year warranty.

The New Hope Ice Arena is owned by the City of New Hope, and the facility manager is Jim Corbett. The roofing contractor/installer was Berwald Roofing Company of North St. Paul, MN. The architect was McKinstry of Brooklyn Park, MN.

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