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North Georgia Healthcare Center

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As a testament to the strength of its construction, including its hurricane-wind-uplift-rated Englert metal roof, the North Georgia Healthcare Center in Ringgold, GA remained operational even after a tornado in April 2011 nearly wiped the town off the map.

Architects Killian Clark designed the building, which is of brick construction and is topped with an Englert Series 2000 standing seam metal roof. The Series 2000 is rated to meet Miami-Date Building Codes for wind uplift and the roof passed its real-world test in flying colors. The tornado that leveled scores of homes, several fast food restaurants, two filling stations, several motels and claimed seven lives caused only minor damage to the roof, despite packing winds of up to 175 mph.

Dallas Metal Products of Dallas, GA installed the 18,422 sq. ft. of original Pacific Blue metal roofing on the project in October 2010 and returned several months later to handle the repairs. Those repairs included the replacement of two standing seam panels punctured by flying 2 x 4s, and replacing panels on the left side of the building damaged by a large roof dormer that had dislodged and then rolled over them. A tarp was used to cover the affected roof areas, enabling the healthcare center to open the day after the deadly storm hit.

The North Georgia Healthcare Center is a federally-funded facility offeringmedical services to area residents seven days a week with extended hours. The facility provides non-emergency care and features several examination rooms, offices for medical staff, physical therapy rooms and an indoor pool for both aquatics courses and physical therapy. The center also provides healthcare services for the elderly on weekends and after hours.

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