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North Woods Cottage

RHEINZINK America Inc.

RHEINZINK was the natural choice to clad the roof of a new cottage located in the North Woods of Wisconsin. “The multi-level roof was a key part of the design and we wanted it to blend into the environment as much as possible,” the owner said. Approximately 2,500 sq. ft. of RHEINZINK Double Lock Standing Seam Panels met the criteria.  “You won’t find another material that looks as natural and exquisite as RHEINZINK,” he added.

The prePATINA blue-grey panels were fabricated by RHEINZINK systems partner Sheet Metal Supply (SMS), Mundelein, IL. The installation team was led by Lou Rondeau of Natural Metal Associates, Mont Vernon, NH. Rondeau is an experienced zinc craftsman and instructor in fabrication techniques. He was assisted by Craig Hardin of Hardin Construction, Union Bridge, MD, and Chad Wolbert of W&W Construction, Williamsport, MD. The three men were on the job for five days.

“Rondeau did a fantastic job on the installation, including some beautiful detailing,” the owner said. He specifically mentioned the crescent seams at the eaves. “It’s a designer detail,” according to Rondeau. “Most guys will do a straight up and down 90 degree edge. But we like to spend a little extra time on the detailing and seaming.  RHEINZINK can last a lifetime so it’s important to make the appearance as classic and timeless as possible. I really like working with the qualities and craftsmanship associated with it.”

Overall, the job was relatively straightforward, according to Rondeau. “The greatest challenge was getting to the site in the North Woods,” he said. “But the cottage turned out to be a real gem in that wilderness environment.”

About Sheet Metal Supply

As one of the largest distributor/fabricators of architectural zinc in North America and a RHEINZINK systems partner, Sheet Metal Supply (SMS) is a one-stop resource for all things zinc. An extensive RHEINZINK inventory of coils, sheets, gutters and accessories provides exceptional availability and economy. SMS proudly offers highly-skilled fabrication services as well as technical support and assistance. Project pricing is available to installers throughout North America and internationally. To learn more, visit

About RHEINZINK America Inc.

RHEINZINK America, Inc. is a North American provider of architectural zinc used in the fabrication of roofing, facades, rainware and architectural details. For more information visit

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