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Now House is a Near-Zero-Energy concept home located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. What makes the project rather unique is that its designer, David Fujiwara, was able to successfully apply the concepts of near-zero-energy-use construction to an existing home—one more than 50 years old—rather than new construction.

It speaks volumes that alongside technologies like solar photovoltaics, solar thermal heating, low-flow water fixtures, low-e windows and high-efficiency insulation, Fujiwara included on this project metal roofing. The chosen product was VicElite from VICWEST. It was installed by Martin Osborne.

According to VICWEST, looks played a role in the selection of the VicElite profile, but performance was also an important factor. “The percentage of recycled content and the fact steel is 100 percent recyclable was also of interest,” said a project statement provided by VICWEST.

VicElite is a hidden-fastener system that offered pans wide enough to facilitate the installation of the photovoltaic panels at the back of the house, which faces south. To complement the home’s new color scheme, the metal roof panels were supplied with a high-reflectance Charcoal-colored WeatherX® SMP paint finish.

Another benefit to choosing metal roofing for the project was that the panels on the front of the house were able to install over three layers of existing roofing shingles, thus eliminating the costs and environmental impact of tearing off and disposing of those old roofing materials. To ready the roof to accept the new panel system the contractor had to remove a metal roof system that had previously been installed, and then secure 1” x 4” wood straps on 16” centers over the top of the shingles. At the back of the house the new metal roofing was installed over 2” x 4” straps attached on 15” centers directly to wood roof sheathing.

In addition to the roof panels, Vicwest was the supplier of all materials required to complete the process, including the trim, flashing, panel closures and screws.

The project was completed in September 2008. Malcolm Stephens was the project engineer and Patrick Scantlebury the mechanical systems consultant.

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