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Redwood Shores Community Library

Morin — A Kingspan Group Company

Just off the shores of the San Francisco Bay sits the new Redwood Shores Community Library, providing a gathering place and educational center as well as an eco-friendly facility. MORIN’s Standing Seam Roof Series tops the 21,500 square-foot library and helps protect the bay-side building from corrosion.

Located in Redwood City, CA, the library sits in swamps surrounded by natural life and neighbored by the bay, which impacted the building’s design. The $16.9 million project benefits from Morin’s SLR-16 single element metal panels, which can be fabricated from Galvalume®, aluminum, zinc, copper or stainless steel. Approximately 450 square feet of 22-gauge Champagne Bronze Metallic panels were used for the roof. Contributing to the roof’s durability, the panels are periodically tested to provide technical support for a changing environment.

“MORIN’s single element metal panels provide a functional and sustainable roof, which is essential for buildings exposed to harsh coastal weather,” explains Rachel Scholan, Marketing Manager for Kingspan Insulated Panels, Inc. “The panels also come in a variety of finishes, which helps contribute to the aesthetics of the Redwood Shores Community Library.”

Every room of the library is open to natural light and provides views of the surrounding scenery from the elevated position. The Redwood Shores Community Library also includes the Interpretive Center for observing the natural habitat, a café with access to a deck area and boardwalk along the water’s edge, and a story-telling “lighthouse.”

In addition to providing a rich learning environment and observational area, the library also protects the natural resources that surround it. MORIN's Standing Seam Roof panels are a good fit for the environmentally-focused facility because they offer reliable weather resistance, accommodate thermal movement and create a seamless roof, ridge to eave.

“MORIN was extremely helpful during the whole process,” recalls Wes Staut of Anderson Brule Architects. “When we had to adapt to changing weather and other obstacles, MORIN was responsive and efficient, which made the project run more smoothly.”

The project team includes Anderson Brule Architects (San Jose, CA), general contractor Sausal Corporation (San Leandro, CA), and installer CEI Roofing California (Rancho Cordova, CA). The team began construction in December 2006 and completed the project in July 2008.

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