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A spectacular home overlooking the San Elijo Lagoon in Cardiff-By-The-Sea, CA, has garnered a second consecutive Gold Circle Roofing Award for Custom-Bilt Metals Inc. and Keystone Roofing Inc. The award is presented by the National Roofing Contractors Association for significant contributions to the roofing industry in five categories.

Both in 2006 and 2007, Custom-Bilt Metals and Keystone Roofing were recognized in the “innovation” category. This 2007 award-winning project was a reroofing installation on a one-of-a-kind landmark home, perched high on a seaside bluff.

“We are proud to have worked once again with Keystone Roofing on a project that is truly innovative and eye-catching,” said Tony Chiovare, president of Custom-Bilt Metals, a longtime leader in the painted metal industry. The two companies previously won a Gold Circle Award in 2006 for the fabrication and installation of a 60,000-square-foot standing seam metal roof on the Semper Fit Field House at Camp Pendleton, Calif.

“This year’s award-winning product was a completely different challenge than last year’s,” said Mark Katona, owner of Keystone Roofing. “Last year’s project was a large, newly constructed public building, while this year’s was a reroofing project on a private residence. The challenges involved were very different, but we are pleased we were able to address them successfully.”

The home in this year’s award-winning project overlooks a pristine lagoon that is a dedicated ecological preserve. Its roof is composed of eight equilateral triangular segments in two separate wings. The segments are constructed at varying steep pitches, giving a visual impression that has been compared to a fleet of sailboats tacking upwind.

“The combined effect of the stunning location and the striking design is truly spectacular,” said Katona. “But, of course, these are the very features that made the project so challenging.”

The existing standing seam painted steel roof was approximately 18 years old and was badly deteriorated due to the marine environment. After consulting with the home’s original architect, Wallace E. Cunningham, the homeowners decided to reroof the home in a light gray material to color-coordinate the roof and the house.

Rather than simply replicate the previous vertical standing seam panel, however, Cunningham’s firm redesigned the roof into a unique herringbone configuration, which posed significant challenges in terms of providing a weather-tight roof system that integrated with the home’s tapered clerestory windows.

Keystone recommended a 16-ounce zinc-coated copper panel from Revere, and asked Custom-Bilt Metals to produce the panels for the project in a “T”-shaped configuration with a snap cap.

Due to the unusual seam pattern, water flow is actually channeled to the seam caps during heavy rains. To address this challenge, Custom-Bilt Metals and Keystone Roofing devised a complex system of double-layered underlayment, panel interlocking and expert soldering. The two companies also devised a way to roll-form the seamless panels, some of which are more than 65 feet long, and then maneuver them undamaged over the steep terrain and up the even steeper roof slopes.

“Steven Mote, a vice president of our company, and his team, along with the expert team from Custom-Bilt Metals, did a spectacular job of rigging and staging the project,” said Katona. “The result is not only functional, but a genuine visual masterpiece that is nothing short of fine art.”

“This was a project that all of us were proud to be associated with,” added Chiovare. “In terms of both its aesthetic beauty and its durability, it makes a statement that will last for generations.”

Headquartered in San Diego, Keystone Roofing is a second generation roofing company with a reputation for solving complex metal roofing system issues. The company prides itself on its top quality workmanship, old world craftsmanship, and uncompromising attention to safety, aesthetics, function and detail.

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