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Seeking more control over its energy and power demands, Japanese-based Unicharm Co. Ltd. began exploring rooftop solar options for its manufacturing facility in Taiwan. Company officials liked the idea of adding rooftop solar at that location but were concerned about the added weight of glass crystalline panels. Aplus Energy Ltd. presented them with a building integrated solar option that not only weighed significantly less, but included other compelling features too.

Aplus Energy Ltd., is a Taiwanese company with North American sales offices in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Its flagship product, APlus PowerRoof, uses patented lamination technology to infuse crystalline silicon solar cells directly onto the surfaces of 22-gauge corrugated steel roof panels. The patented lamination technology not only increases the efficiency rate of the solar cells of Aplus PowerRoof Products by 20%, but also has low glare, which allows the panels to be used near airports where other types of rooftop solar might be restricted. The solar metal roof panels are lightweight yet strong, and can be used for both new construction and to retrofit roofs of existing buildings.

In the case of the Unicharm project, approximately 10,000 81”-tall x 33”-wide PowerRoof panels were installed over 171,000 sq. ft. of roof area to generate 2.5 MWs of electricity.

Aplus PowerRoof panels are available in three different sizes. The version used on the Taiwan project is the largest. Each panel weighs 33 lbs. and is rated for 270 watts. The panels have built-in bypass diodes to prevent power reductions in shady conditions and at night, helping to keep any attached battery cells charged.

PowerRoof panels are well-suited for projects where hailstorms are a strong possibility since there is no glass to break. They are also designed to withstand snow loads and pouring rains. They are IEC61730 certified for residential and commercial use. The manufacturer warranty period is 25 years.

About Aplus Energy Co.

aplus-logoAplus Energy Co. offers a corrugated metal solar roof panels suitable for use on everything from carports to manufacturing buildings. To learn more, visit

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