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Village Of Wellington Municipal Complex

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The Village of Wellington Municipal Complex in Wellington, FL is a two-story, 54,000 square foot, tilt-wall structure that achieved LEED Gold certification for implementing practical and measurable green building design, construction, operations and maintenance solutions. Among them was the choice of roofing: standing seam metal from Englert Inc.

The new design-build municipal complex was designed in the Florida Vernacular Style by Leo A. Daly of West Palm Beach and has become the new town center for Wellington. It features an amphitheater, employee courtyard, council chamber that seats 166 people and a quick stop where residents can pick up quick permits and pay their utility bills. It also houses the village administrative offices, gym, fitness facility and locker rooms, conference rooms and a broadcasting room. The aesthetic centerpiece of the complex is a two-story clock tower topped with a metal roof.

The building's metal roof design includes deep overhangs that provide shade for windows on both levels of the structure. Other energy-saving features of the building are a commercial rainwater harvesting system that provides water for 28 toilets in the complex, and triple-pane, ¾-inch glass windows with horizontal louvers to control sunlight exposure. The design also includes a full-service generator. With the structure functioning as an emergency command center, power will be maintained and toilets will remain operational even with a loss of power and water.

According to Michael Rodebaugh, project manager at Leo A. Daly, the Englert Series 2000 standing seam metal roof was chosen for its durability and wind uplift capabilities as well as serving as an aesthetic, unifying factor for the various elements of the complex including the municipal offices, the amphitheater and the clock tower. Roof installation was done by Crowther Roofing & Sheet Metal of Fort Myers, FL. The roofing material was originally specified to another product manufacturer but was value engineered to Englert to save labor by using a snap lock panel versus a panned and mechanically-seamed application. Panels were made on-site with Crowther’s portable roll-former.

The total roofing area included 19,400 square feet of Englert Series 2000 standing seam roof and an equal amount of lightweight insulating concrete and modified bitumen for a total of 38,900 square feet all installed exclusively by Crowther employees. The Englert Series 2000 Metal Roof Panel was installed over Steel Deck, ½” Dens Deck Prime mechanically attached with screws and plates. The insulating material used was Englert Metalman HT. The panels were 24 Gauge, 18 inches wide. The color of the metal roof was Stone White and the municipality took a 10-year Weather Tightness Warranty on the project.

The Englert system achieved LEED points for having 80 percent post-consumer and 20 percent pre-consumer recycled content, a regional manufacturing credit because the panels were rolled onsite, and a credit for solar reflectivity because the Stone White coating is LEED compliant. Crowther reports the project was “pretty straight forward,” with the biggest challenge being the many roof levels for staging and setup.

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