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Erie Lakeside Cottage

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Seeking a replacement system for the home's aging roof, the owner of a 1926 lakeside cottage in Erie, PA turned to VMZINC, the international brand name of rolled zinc products from Umicore Building Products USA of Raleigh, NC.

President of a business interiors design firm and the owner of several other residential and commercial properties, this homeowner had a clear understanding of the importance of choosing a new roof system that satisfied all requirements related to form and function. One of the reasons why zinc was the best material for the job was its malleability. The roof has rolled eaves and wide overhangs, in the style of an early English cottage.

The homeowner played the role of designer, installer and inspector. After researching zinc options and solutions, VMZINC® proved the ideal product in terms of cost, resilience and sustainability. From the Umicore product lineup the homeowner chose custom gray VMZ Adeka panels, which mimic the appearance of shingles when applied. In total, 40 squares of the VMZ Adeka panels were utilized, along with 20 sheets of QUARTZ-ZINC for flashings. VMZINC® downspouts, gutters and other decorative ornamentals were used too to give the home a cohesive look.

The roof replacement began with the removal of the existing roof, followed by the installation of a cold roof system. A high-temperature shield was then added to create a leak-proof barrier beneath the new zinc roof. To fit the radius of the roof's eaves, the prefabricated panels were individually stretched and shrunk to create a striking diamond pattern evocative of scales. Zinc’s exceptional performance in extreme temperatures, both hot and cold, was another factor in the homeowner’s decision to use the product.

The longevity of zinc is due partly to the patina finish that develops on its surface. This layer is self-healing, with scratches triggering a reactive action that actually repairs the damage. Zinc is also fully recyclable, from construction scrap to end of use, which contributes to the project’s overall sustainability.

“This one-of-a-kind home renovation project is a true testament to the wonderful qualities VMZINC® solutions have to offer for our commercial and residential clients, alike,” said Daniel Nicely, managing director at VMZINC®-US. “The roof is one of the most important parts of a home, and we are so proud that VMZINC® was selected for this project to make a true artistic statement.”

“I am beyond pleased with my home’s new zinc roof, and I am fully confident that using VMZINC® was the best I could have made,” said the homeowner. “The entire process of working with VMZINC® was exceptional from start to finish, and response to the roof from friends, neighbors and the general public has been overwhelmingly positive.”


VMZINC_logoVMZINC® is the international brand name of rolled zinc products manufactured and sold VM Building Solutions USA. For additional information, visit

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