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When Galveston builder Paul Gandhi set out to construct his 7,000-sq ft personal vacation home, he wanted a roof that would withstand the elements and also offer environmental benefits. In 2004, Gandhi had used Met-Tile “tile panel” roofing on a La Quinta hotel property in Galveston and was impressed with the product’s aesthetics and how well it stood up under punishing conditions of hurricane winds and rain, high heat and intense sunlight.

Gandhi decided to use a Met-Tile roof in a bright Coral Blue finish. He reports: “The house and roof are so unusual that people take photos of it on a daily basis”. The beachfront residence, constructed on pilings, has four stories – including a seven-car garage at the ground level, two full stories of living space, guest quarters with balcony, and a small lookout room surrounded by a 300 sq. ft. widow’s walk at the top. Large balconies and patios help take full advantage of the view, and a 100-ft long walkway provides direct beach access.

The project uses approximately 8,000 sq. ft. of Met-Tile roofing. The finish meets ENERGY STAR® guidelines and the roof carries a 230+ mph wind uplift rating.

Gandhi was designer and general contractor for the project. The roofing contractor was Loredo Roofing Company, Houston, TX. Paul Gavranovic (Houston) was the manufacturer’s rep and roofing consultant.

Met-Tile tile facsimile metal roofing is a product of McElroy Metal Inc.

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