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With the 20-year-old roof shingles on their Rockingham, NC ranch home beginning to decompose, Jerry and Janice Robson began surfing the web for replacement ideas. They knew they wanted to upgrade to something better but had no specific products in mind until they discovered Met-Tile tile profile metal roofing. “When we saw Met-Tile on the Internet, we knew that was the look we wanted,” says Jerry Robson.

Though it was the look that initially sold the couple on the Met-Tile system, it is the new roof’s impact on indoor comfort and energy efficiency that has them talking now.

“It’s pretty hot here in the summer, and we were running the air conditioning more or less nonstop, with the thermostat set at 73 degrees,” said Jerry Robson. “Since installing the Met-Tile roof, we saw an immediate difference in indoor comfort. Now we can set the thermostat at 76 or 78 degrees and it’s very comfortable indoors.”

The secret to Met-Tile’s ability to keep the home cooler relates to its paint finish. It’s a cool color formulation featuring special pigments that reflect rather than absorb the sun’s rays. It’s widely used in the metal construction industry these days and makes metal roofing among the most energy efficient systems available.

Energy experts say homeowners can save from 1-3% for each degree over 72 on their thermostat setting. So if a thermostat is set to the recommended 78 degrees, that’s a minimum 6% savings, but it could be up to 18% depending on the local climate and what other energy is being used in the home. As a cool roof product that meets ENERGY STAR® guidelines, Met-Tile can be a big contributor to such savings.

An experienced do-it-yourselfer, Jerry Robson installed the 1,900 sq. ft. of Met-Tile roofing himself, with help from someone who had previous roofing experience. They were able to apply the Spanish Red Met-Tile panels, weighing just 1.25 lbs. per sq. ft., directly over the existing shingles. This has added an extra layer of protection and insulation to the home, and Robson expects that this will help reduce heating costs in the winter as a result.

“We are really pleased with the way Met-Tile looks and performs,” Robson sums up. “Many people have stopped by to compliment us on our new roof.”

Met-Tile roofing is a product of McElroy Metal.

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