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Environmental and design expertise are becoming two sought after requirements for home and commercial building designers. In New York, Beehive Builders make these two requirements their mantra when it comes to designing sustainable homes. Kathleen Adkins and Maria Torffield focus on building energy efficient, comfortable, warm, ecologically friendly, and easy to maintain homes.

With a goal to build better, not bigger homes, longevity is brought into play. The better the techniques and products used in building, the longer the home will stand. Adkins and Torffield chose a DECRA Shingle roof in Fawn Grey to top off their most recent home, Solarium House.

Warranted for 50-years with a 120 mph wind warranty, DECRA products are proven to last, and add to the longevity of any project. Made from pressed aluminum-zinc alloy coated steel, DECRA products have the durability and strength of steel. In addition to the aluminum-zinc alloy coating the panel is covered with ceramic coated granules. The granules add to the texture and aesthetic appeal of the product and provide further protection for the steel.

With a Class “A” fire rating, DECRA products maintain the highest UL Rating for fire. The non-combustible material is also rated Class 4 for impact resistance by UL; a safer home is definitely a more comfortable home. Additionally, DECRA products contain recycled steel and can be recycled at the end of the projects’ useful life.

For Adkins and Torffield, “good design takes maintenance into account.” A product might be environmentally preferable, but if it requires constant or costly maintenance then it is not a benefit. DECRA panels are a low maintenance product and easy to walk on.

About DECRA® Roofing Systems Inc.

DECRA® Roofing Systems Inc., a Fletcher Building Products company, manufactures stone-coated steel roofing. For more information, visit

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