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Belle Glade Elementary School

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It's reasonable to assume school officials were happy with their decision to top Belle Glade Elementary School with an Englert standing seam metal roof system. After all, many years later, when that old roof reached the end of its service life, they approved the installation of another Englert system to replace it.

Belle Glade Elementary School is located in Belle Glade, Florida and is part of the School District of Palm Beach County. After the decision was made to replace the building's old Series 3000 T-seam standing seam roof, the board hired Zyscovich Inc. of Miami, FL to oversee the project. Since the old roof did not meet current Miami-Dade and Florida Building Code Requirements for wind uplift, the architect upgraded to an Englert Series 2500 standing seam system instead. And rather than tearing off the old roof, the architect proposed installing the new roof right over the top.

To facilitate the installation of the new roof without removing the old, Zyscovich Inc. specified the use of Roof Hugger retrofit steel sub-purlins. Huggers are manufactured by Roof Hugger Inc. of Oldsmar, FL. They are designed with a notch that enables them to sit in the old roof's panel flats, where they are fastened through the panels and into the roof structurals below, while a top flange above the old roof's standing seams provides a surface for the new roof panels to attach to. Their use eliminates the need for roof tear-offs and their inclusion on the roof can actually raise its wind uplift and energy rating.

Tecta America of South Florida. Inc. installed the Roof Hugger retrofit system along with 116,600 sq. ft. of the new Bone White Englert 2500 panels. Formed from 24-gauge steel, the 16-inch wide panels were installed with a 20-year weather tightness warrantee provided by Englert.

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