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Commercial Project – Millville, NJ

Roof Hugger, LLC

Archetto Construction, Inc. of Vineland, New Jersey completed a commercial reroof project in nearby Millville in March 2011 by installing 40,500 sq. ft. of new 24-gauge Star Building Systems standing seam roofing over the existing roof, supported by standard Roof Hugger Model “C” factory-notched sub-purlins.

Due to its proximity to coastal areas, the sub-framing included additional reinforcement components at the roof’s corners and low-eave/rake edge zones to resist the area wind forces, which allowed the Star roof system to locate panel clips between the existing purlins. A total of 8,720 lineal feet of Huggers were installed. Two-inches of unfaced insulation was installed between the old and new roofs to increase the thermal resistance of the building’s older roof - a 26-gauge PBR profile, on a 1:12 pitch.

The job was started early in February 2011 and completed in about one month. Brian Rehm of Archetto stated: “Overall, the owner and ourselves are happy with the install. We also found as a Star Building dealer that we didn’t have to recreate the wheel when it came to providing design data for our new roof system, because there was an existing relationship between Star and Roof Hugger. This expedited the process.”

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About Roof Hugger

roof hugger logoRoof Hugger notched sub-purlins enable replacement of new metal roof panels over an old metal roof. They can be used over screw-down or standing seam roof systems and can accommodate new standing seam or screw-down panels. Roof Huggers also maintain integrity of original design loadings; achieve "thermal break" air space between old and new roof sheets; allow for optional insulation; and are laboratory and load tested—with certified load charts. For more information on metal-over-metal retrofit re-roofing, contact Roof Hugger at 800-771-1711 or visit

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