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Howard Elementary School

Garland Co. Inc.

The flat roof over Howard Elementary in rural Howard, South Dakota, had been patched and replaced several times since the building’s original construction in the 1950s – each time with another flat roof. That all changed with the installation of a standing seam metal roof system from The Garland Company Inc.

The school had historically experienced leaking problems, largely due to ponding water on the flat roof. For the last several years, school administrators had tried to remedy the leaking by making small repairs and patching leaks. But as repair costs rose to an average of $30,000 a year, replacement became critical. To achieve watertight integrity and provide long-term performance, a structural standing seam metal roof system was retrofitted over the 28,000-square-foot roof.

The Garland standing seam metal system was chosen for this project for its structural strength and ability to create the slope needed to achieve long-term watertight protection. A steel framing system was installed over the failing built-up and EPDM roofs to create a ½:12-inch slope and eliminate ponding water on the roof. To ensure watertight integrity, the continuous 75-foot bare Galvalume® coated panels were installed from the roof eave to ridge, eliminating the need for overlapping seams, which can be a source of leaks.

The 24-gauge 18-inch wide R-Mer® Span panels provide the highest performance in windstorm and water penetration resistance in the industry, offering school administrators the peace of mind of knowing they have the highest quality materials protecting their infrastructural investments. This high-performance metal roofing solution was provided by a single, full-service manufacturer and is covered by a 30-year warranty.

The contractor/installer was Modern Builders of Janesville, IA. The project is owned by Howard Public Schools, Howard, SD.

Galvalume® is a registered trademark of BIEC International Inc.

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