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Reid State Technical College Administration Building

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The original, 30-year-old metal roof over the Administration Building at Reid State Technical College in Evergreen, AL was damaged by Hurricane Ivan in 2004, causing leaks. The leaking had become progressively worse in recent years, prompting College administrators to explore roof replacement options – which eventually led to the use of standing seam metal roofing from The Garland Company Inc.

The goal of the project was to provide the College with a high-performance, durable, watertight solution, capable of withstanding the most severe weather conditions. In addition, the College wanted to visually integrate its buildings together to create an improved aesthetic appeal. The existing roof system, including wall panels and soffits, was removed down to the structural framing. To minimize disruption, while achieving watertight integrity and durability, the new 48-foot long steel standing seam panels were installed over the existing framing.

The standing seam metal system was chosen for this project for its strength, aesthetic appearance, and its ability to span structurally across the existing framing system. Garland’s 24-gauge 16-inch R-Mer® Span panels are designed to provide the highest performance in windstorm and water penetration resistance in the industry, offering the durability and watertight integrity needed for a long-term, high-performance solution.

Metal mansards and soffit panels were chosen to close in the perimeters of the building and give the appearance of a continuous metal roof. In addition, a new architectural entrance canopy with exposed framing and a curved roof was constructed for the Administration Building, completing the campus-wide upgrade. A total of 32,000 square-feet of metal roof, mansard and soffit panels were used on the project.

This high-performance roofing solution was provided by a Garland as single, full-service manufacturer, who coordinated weekly on-site inspections with the contractor during the project, ensuring the full design intent was met.

The contractor/installer was Amerson Roofing of Atmore, AL. The architect was Exford & Associates Architects of Birmingham, AL.

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