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Florida Atlantic University Davie West


Davie West is a joint-use facility shared by Florida Atlantic University (FAU) and the University of Florida (UF). The $24.5 million project – utilizing architectural metal products from CENTRIA - was designed to enhance classroom learning and research in the sciences, arts, and humanities by combining state-of-the-art classrooms, research labs and office space into a single facility.

A major goal of this building project in Davie, FL was to unify the school’s east and west campuses, which are separated by a main road, while maintaining the modern, urban identity that is unique to the west campus.

Another goal of this project was to achieve LEED Silver Certification. All materials were carefully chosen to reduce the building’s environmental impact. The building envelope and highly efficient HVAC systems were chosen to maximize energy performance, while 20 percent of the construction material costs consisted of recycled materials.

After completing their data collection, the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) awarded Davie West a LEED Gold Certification, a level higher than the building team had hoped for and a significant achievement given the challenge of building sustainable facilities in South Florida’s hot and humid climate.

Metal was the logical choice for this project in order to meet the goal of modernizing the Florida Atlantic University (FAU) West campus while seamlessly blending in with existing structures. Chosen for its unique ability to integrate with multiple building products for easy installation, metal allowed FAU to create the desired urban aesthetic without sacrificing tradition—or sustainability goals.

Metal also provided outstanding value with all-weather installation capability; reduced structural support costs because of its light weight; and low long-term maintenance costs because of its durability.

CENTRIA’s Concept Series® CS-200 Concealed Fastener Profiles provided a unique design solution because their common lock joints allow panels to be mixed freely in order to create custom aesthetics. These single-skin panels can be installed both vertically and horizontally to provide a clean, unbroken appearance, allowing for interesting modern visual effects. Concept Series Products also reflect CENTRIA’s commitment to sustainability, and contributed to the points necessary for Davie West to achieve LEED Gold.

The Structural Standing Seam Roof System SRS 3 is a mechanically seamed roof featuring an integral batten that provides clean, unbroken lines with a minimum of exposed fasteners. Unique concealed clip and panel interlock design allows for unimpeded thermal movement without damage, while the mechanical seaming of the roof panels in the field ensures weather resistance and enhances appearance. This excellent weather resistance was an important consideration for this project, considering the building team’s desire to attain LEED certification in Florida’s hot and humid climate. These long panels also create a seamless appearance with unbroken lines and continuous transitions. The unique concealed clip and panel interlock design allows for unimpeded thermal movement without damage.

The project architect was Schenkel Shultz of Orlando, FL; the CENTRIA products dealer/installer was Cladding Systems of Tampa, FL; and the contractor was Pirtle Construction Company of Davie, FL. The 75,000 sq. ft. project was completed in Fall 2010.

The CENTRIA products used on this project included:
  • Concept Series® CS-200. Square Feet: 23,900; Color: Fashion Gray; Finish: Smooth; Coating: Fluorofinish; Gauge: 22.
  • Structural Standing Seam Roof Systems SRS® 3. Square Feet: 528; Color: Fashion Gray; Finish: Smooth; Coating: Fluorofinish; Gauge: 20.


CENTRIA supplies a variety of architetural metal wall and roof systems. For more information, visit CENTRIA.com.

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